About Ekko International – Helping our planet, one chemical free cotton wipe at a time

About Ekko International – Helping our planet, one chemical free cotton wipe at a time

Since 2006, Ekko International has been on a mission to help the planet – one wipe at a time.

“We were sick of buying wet wipes only to use a few from the pack before they dried out and became useless.
When we did the math, the few we got to use became very expensive. And I never really liked the film they left on
my skin.”

We knew we weren’t the only ones frustrated by wet wipes drying out.

When we introduced Ekkos in 2006, we intended to promote them as a cost-effective wet wipe alternative you could simply hydrate when needed. It didn’t take long for us to realize our little Ekkos we’re so much more than just a wet wipe replacement – they we’re a game changer for our planet!

Since then, studies have revealed the severe impact disposable wet wipes are having on our planet. They clog our sewers and waterways and wash up on shores around the world each day. The rest pile up in landfill and take 100 to 500 years to degrade. Even then, many leave a microplastic residue that harms marine life and enters our food chain.

Ekko International is committed to improving human and environmental health through reducing landfills, managing cotton resources, and cutting chemical use.

“It’s our dedication to the environment and our ongoing efforts to clean up our planet one household at a time that sets Ekko apart. We are breaking down old mindsets and helping people around the world turn to green practices – not necessarily because they are environmentalists, but because they know using Ekkos saves time, money and effort.”

From its humble beginnings, Ekko International is fulfilling the dream of making planet-wide change. We remain a proudly Australian company, based in Queensland, now distributing our chemical free cotton Magic Wipes throughout Australasia, the United Kingdom, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and Africa.


“Much has changed since we began, and awareness is rising. We know that together, we can do more.”

Join us now and make a difference – one wipe at a time. Become part of the Green Team to get helpful hints and tips on our wipes.

To help our planet "one little wipe at a time." By encouraging people to switch to chemical free Ekko Wipes, reusing their wipes as many times as possible before disposing of them into the compost, garden, worm farm or bin. We believe one person's good habits can make a difference to our planet.

Ekko Magic Wipes are hygienic and earth-friendly multipurpose cotton cloths. They are made using a
non-woven process from ethically and sustainably sourced 100% compressed cotton. In addition, Ekko
Wipes are preservative and chemical free, making them safe for the most sensitive skin while being strong enough to clean windows and BBQs with just a little water.

Order your Ekko Magic Wipes today with fast shipping and help us help the planet – one wipe at a time!